Josh's Notes


"Musky" or "Muskie" look like others in the esox family and have body design of a predator with a many similarities to northern pike. Musky have been given the title "Fish of Ten Thousand" casts because musky are far less prevalent than northern pike because of their low spawning rate. Many argue that musky are far more difficult to catch on the fly than any other species of fish because of the behavior and nature. I tend to disagree with the mainstream's premise. I think muskie are more difficult to catch because they are less prevalent as they are the apex predator and have very similar behaviors to northern pike. In fact there are not too many fish that you can stick your rod tip in the water and swoop it around in a figure eight to induce a strike.


Musky prefer clear water and will seek out ambush points near underwater structure such as weed lines, under water rock formations, and underwater logs and trees.