Brook Trout

Josh's Notes

2015 Season Notes

I caught my first Brook Trout in January of this year. They are absolutely beautiful and quite aggressive. My 5wt was way too much rod for these fish. A 3 or 4wt will be more than adequate. Black Wooly Buggers have been the best for me. You have to check out Paradise Springs if you want to catchBrook Trout. I believe one I caught at the Springs this year topped 12 inches.


One of the most gorgeous of the trout species, brook trout are brown or green and marbled with lighter shades of browns and greens. A key marking is that brook trout are speckled with red dots surrounded by blue halos. Their bellies and lower fins are orange and the lower fins have white leading edges.


Brook Trout are native to Wisconsin and need cold, clean water to do well. With the introduction of brown and rainbow trout into many of the creeks and streams in Wisconsin, brook trout are less common. Wisconsin chapters of Trout Unlimited are working hard to restore the brook trout in southwest Wisconsin.