Largemouth Bass

Josh's Notes

2015 Season Notes

I spent less time chasing largemouth this past season. From previous seasons, best places to catch them are Windsor Lake, Olson Lake and Pierce Lake.


The largemouth get quite a bit larger than its brother the smallmouth bass. Largemouth can reach lengths close to thirty inches and weights in pounds in the low twenties. Largemouth are more tolerant to warmer and more polluted water than the smallmouth bass. The mouth of the largemouth bass extends past the eye and has a jagged horizontal lateral line. Largemouth can live to sixteen years plus or minus a year.


Largemouth bass can be found on points, humps, weedbeds, ridges, drop offs and submerged timber. They feed mostly on small fish but are opportunistic and will feed on unsuspecting frogs and mice. Largemouth bass can consume prey up to half of their body length making them generally apex predators as adults.