Live Fly Ties - Frosty Minnow

Frosty Minnow

The Frosty Minnow is a clouser variation that does really well in the Spring for Smallmouth Bass. I haven't fished it as much in the past couple year but I am going to bring it out of retirement this year and start fishing it frequently again. It is very easy to tie and a great pattern to kick off the live fly ties. This pattern is great to get children starting to tie too. If your life is a circus like mine then you need a proven pattern that you can crank out 10 or 12 in an hour. Black over White is probably my favorite color combo right now.

Materials List

  • DNA Fish Frosty Fish Fiber in White and Color of Choice
  • Sparkle Eyes Gold with Red - Size Large
  • 1/69th inch Lateral Scale
  • Umpqua Specialty U502 Series - Size 4 Hook
  • 210 Denier Thread to match Color of Choice