Why I Chose My Frontier 12

Why A Kayak

Before I talk about why I bought the Frontier 12, let me tell you why I was in the market for a kayak. When I started fly fishing just over four years ago my biggest challenge was finding good water. The Kishwaukee River has over 63 miles of river to explore, with an average width at the north branch of fifty feet. When I am wading I can cover at most three miles of river in any given outing whereas, in a kayak, I can cover six or seven miles. My very first smallmouth bigger than seventeen inches was caught out of my Frontier 12 on a six and half mile float trip on the Kishwaukee River.

Big Smallmouth Caught from Frontier 12

More Quality Smallmouth

As I was exploring more and more water I started catching more and more quality smallmouth bass. I started recognizing features of the river that are prime holding waters. The more you are on the river the better fly fishing angler you will become. Many times the Kishwaukee River is flowing at unsafe wading levels and would limit how often I could fly fish on it. With a kayak I have the ability to fish the river when wading is not safe. I also wanted a kayak to access parts of local lakes where traditional boats can't. With my Frontier 12, I can access less pressured areas on Pearce and Olson lakes and lakes such as Windsor lake allow only paddle craft.

Why the Frontier 12

With the knowledge of why I needed a kayak to improve my fly fishing, I was faced with the challenge of choosing a kayak. I knew right away I needed to be able to stand.You use your whole body to cast efficiently when fly fishing. The Frontier 12 is the most stable sit on top kayak available. It has a 41” beam that allows me to stand with confidence and cast further and with more accuracy. The 20” casting deck gives me plenty of room to move around, cast at any angle, and allows me to adjust positions when fighting fish. There have been times fighting carp when I needed to exit the Frontier to prevent getting broke off. I can easily exit the Frontier from the standing position. Because of the Frontier's stability, I can regain access without flipping in any depth of water.

Many times, I fish small creeks that run eight to ten inches deep in sections. The Frontier 12 only drafts 3-5” and is perfect for getting into skinny waters. I spend less time portaging my kayak and more time fishing and I can fish waters where traditional boats cannot access.

The Max 360 Seat allows me to pivot in all directions and is easy to get from sitting to standing and standing back to sitting. The seat is comfortable for long paddle trips and has a pouch on the back to store some necessary supplies.

The Frontier tracks incredibly well for its size and I have even paddled it back up sections of the Kishwaukee River on occasion. I honestly think the Frontier 12 has helped me improve as a Fly Fisherman and is allowing me to push the envelope of fly fishing. I look forward to the day when I catch my first Brown, Steelhead, Pike and Musky from my Frontier 12.

Frontier 12
Length: 12'
Beam (Width): 41
Height: 12-17
Draft: 3-5
Hull Weight: 77 lbs
Seating Capacity: 1-3 ppl
Max Weight Capacity: 650 lbs
Self-Bailing Capacity: 400 lbs
Maximum Auxiliary Power: 2.5 HP or equivalent
RIGID 360 Bases: 1 Std Base (#3045)

Enough Room For Two

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