2016 Top Smallmouth Flies

Well another season has passed and it is time to write about my top 5 performing flies from this past season. Unlike past seasons this season has two new flies making it in my top 5. Take a look at 2015 Top 5 Smallmouth Flies to compare.

Of my top 5 I only tie 3 of them. I purchase the TeQueely and the Murdich Minnow from my local Fly Shop because right now I don't have to sit down and learn to tie them. I tie flies out of necessity and have minimal tying skills. The Martian Muddler was a creation out of necessity as I can't afford to spend 10-20 dollars on a pike fly.

5. Martian Muddler

Toward the end of August I started targeting pike more than smallmouth however I was still catching smallmouth on Martian Muddler. This fly is tied on a 4/0 to 8/0 hook so I was very surprised to catch smallmouth on it. The great thing about this fly is that it is super easy to tie and the action is ridiculous. The fly moves side to side and up and down and it is very close to neutrally buoyant. I am looking forward to tying this fly on a 2/0 hook and giving it some attention for smallmouth fishing. It has already proven to be an effective fall fly but I think it will be a good prespawn smallmouth fly but only time will tell. Reverse tie some yellow and orange bucktail mixing in sunrise, green and gold flashabou and stick on some fire living eyes (optional) and you are ready to go. Make sure it rattles.
Murdich Minnow

4. Murdich Minnow

Last season the Murdich Minnow was honorable mention but has moved up into my top 5. I was able to fish this by stripping or swinging and because of its versatility I was able to catch smallmouth in a wide variety of conditions and the Murdich Minnow often worked when other flies would not.
HiTail Craw

3. HiTail Craw

The HiTail Craw stays at number 3 this year. It produced equally well as it did last season. Primarily used the Crayfish Hop to get the smallmouth to strike. In small streams this is the first fly I tie on. A quarter inch square of 2mm fly foam, magnum rabit strips in crawdad orange, flame orange dubbing for a body, orange hackle, and some tungsten dumbell eyes all tied on a 90 degree size 4 jig hook and you are in business.

2. TeQueely

The TeQueely made its way into my arsenal of flies two seasons ago and continues to produce quality and quantity smallmouth. This season I started throwing Crayfish hop was the most productive technique. The TeQueely produced well in both bigger, faster waters and small streams. It only makes sense that crayfish patterns will be a critical part of my arsenal since here in the midwest crayfish are one of the primary parts of the smallmouth diet.
Deer Hair Diver

1. Deer Hair Diver

The Deer Hair Diver was by far my biggest big smallmouth producer this season just like last season. I was able to catch smallmouth in all 3 seasons on the deer hair diver and is by far my most versatile fly since strip it fast and keep it submerged or use some Xink fly sinkant to help with keeping it submerged. Just remember once you Xink it the fly no longer is as bouyant and does not stay above the surface if there is any type of drag on the fly. Spin some deer hair on a size 1 B10S with some strung chinese hackle and silver and gold Krystal Flash off the back and you have a smallmouth slayer.