2016 Top Pike Flies

The fall pike season is pretty short. Starting about mid August I started season some pike activity. This is really only my second season purposely pusuing pike and what a blast it has been. I really on have 3 flies that I use right now. I would like to expand my tying skills over the winter to see if I can come up with a couple additional patterns for the spring.

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Deer Hair Diver

3. Deer Hair Diver

You want heart stopping top water craziness? Throw on a deer hair diver at the right time in the right spot and watch norther pike launch out of the water and smash your diver. The most exciting pike fishing that you can imagine. Unfortunately top water action is not super frequent and takes a lot of work. Spin some deer hair on a size 1 B10S with some strung chinese hackle and silver and gold Krystal Flash off the back and you have a top water pike getter.
Baby Smallmouth

2. Baby Smalllmouth

The baby smallmouth pattern did pretty well for me and put on the right track by getting me my first pike near thirty inches. Start with some natural grizzly tied onto a 2/0 wide gap hook. Add some lateral scale and reverse tie some olive buck tail mixing in some congo hair until you are near the eye. Throw in a couple olive grizzly and finish with a reverse tied head and some big living eyes and you are set.
Martian Muddler

1. Martian Mudler

By far my best pike producer this past season. Probably landed 30 plus pike on this fly in an eight week period fishing in the small waters in my backyard. It also produced my biggest pike to date. Excited to try it more for musky. Reverse tie some yellow and orange bucktail mixing in sunrise, green and gold flashabou and stick on some fire living eyes (optional) and you are ready to go. Make sure it rattles.