2015 Top 5 Smallmouth Flies

Well another season has passed and it is time to write about the top 5 performing flies from this past season. In 2014 I didn't write a formal article so I want to make sure this year and from now on I get my top 5 down in writing so I can compare from year to year. I find that my top 5 tend to change from year to year mostly in the order of how well they perform but this year I have a new fly in the top 5. Not only did it make the top 5, it was my best performer. Without further adeui here they are in reverse order.

Blockhead Popper

5. Blockhead Popper

The blockhead popper may have gotten an unfair shake this season. I didn't fish it near as much as I have in past seasons. It still had some shining moments when smallmouth wouldn't take any other fly but did not produce any smallmouth over 16" this season. Another factor that may have contributed to the sliding of the blockhead to 5th on my list is that I spent a lot more time on faster sections of the north branch where the blockhead is not my first choice out of the box. I still have confidence in the Blockhead Popper and still remains one of my favorite small stream topwater flies. Another note is that popping it on the swing produced the most strikes. Chartreuse or Yellow using a size medium body and a size 4 hook.
Chartreuse Frosty Minnow

4. Frosty Minnow

Last season the black over white Frosty Minnow was one of my go to patterns and was by far my biggest producer for landing smallmouth over 17". Based on the Clouser Minnow, the Frosty Minnow is one of my favorite utility patterns that always catches smallmouth. This season was no different. Chartreuse over white was the best color this season but make sure you have black over white and olive over white in your fly box too. I didn't fish the Frosty as much as previous seasons either and it slid several spots to number 4 on my list. Use a size 4 Mustad 34007, DNA fish fibers, kyrstal flash and some red sparkle eyes and you are in business.
HiTail Craw

3. HiTail Craw

Last season the HiTail Craw was one of my favorite patterns and slides down a spot or two from last season. This season the HiTail was my best pattern in the Spring and still produced in both the summer and fall. Size 4 in flame orange was the pattern of choice. I think this fly slipped a couple spots for the same reasons as the blockhead. I spent a lot of my time on faster bigger sections of the north branch. Primarily used the Crayfish Hop to get the smallmouth to strike. In small streams this is the first fly I tie on. A quarter inch square of 2mm fly foam, magnum rabit strips in crawdad orange, flame orange dubbing for a body, orange hackle, and some tungsten dumbell eyes all tied on a 90 degree size 4 jig hook and you are in business.

2. TeQueely

The TeQueely made its way into my arsenal of flies late last season and produced what was likely my biggest smallmouth last season. This season I started throwing a size 2 and landed many smallmouth with several over 16". Crayfish hop was the most productive technique. The TeQueely produced well in both bigger, faster waters and small streams.
Deer Hair Diver

1. Deer Hair Diver

The Deer Hair Diver was by far my biggest big smallmouth producer this season. I didn't start fishing it until late July and look forward to trying it in early spring next season. Not only did it produce big smallmouth but good numbers also. And to top it off I missed a lot of top water strikes. I can't even explain how exciting fishing a big top water fly is. I had so much fun that for last couple weeks I used the Deer Hair Diver exclusively. Most strikes where on the pause but several were when the fly was diving under water. Stripping fast to keep it submerged produced also. Spin some deer hair on a size 1 B10S with some strung chinese hackle and silver and gold Krystal Flash off the back and you have a smallmouth slayer.

Best Smallmouth of 2015

Me And Cam
Monster Smallmouth
Big South Branch Smallmouth