Midwest Fishing Adventures Fly Fishing School

Introduction to Midwest Fishing Adventures Fly Fishing School

Hello and welcome to Midwest Fishing Adventures' Online Fly Fishing School. This introduction will cover who, what, when, where and why I have put together this free online fly fishing school.

So why a free online fly fishing school

I have invested hundreds of hours, spent capital, and frustrated my wife to make this project happen. I have several reasons for building this Online Fly Fishing School. First, I want to inspire as many people as possible to take up the hobby of fly fishing so they have the same outlet from stress as I do. As more people become addicted to fly fishing, more people become conscious about the environment and begin to protect and preserve our precious resources.

When I first started fly fishing, it was really hard to find valuable resources that really taught what is needed to catch fish on the fly. It is actually quite frustrating because many resources would leave me confused or just didn't cover the subject of fly fishing completely. I want people to fall in love with fly fishing and not be confused or frustrated.

Finally, my ultimate goal is to quit the rat race and just fish for a living. Most of us spend the majority of our life working to make others rich and little time doing what we love. I want to continue to build Midwest Fishing Adventures into profitable fly fishing adventure service. I do have some financial goals with this particular project and that is to connect avid fly fishers with trustworhy fly fishing companies through ad services. Hopefully in 10 or 15 years I can retire from work and finish my time here on earth fishing for a living.